Trending material for 2021: wood

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That’s true, it’s a bit unusual to think of wood while talking about new trends, however, the variety of forms, shapes, and colours it comes in make this material incredibly adaptable for every use and interior design aesthetics we may think of.

What’s more, trends may be fast and constantly changing, but that’s not the case when talking about interior design, aimed at creating the best comfortable living for a person, a beautiful and functional home where to live and work.

Interior trends for 2021 look at the quality and well-made designs that last long and make you smile.

That said, the conclusion is pretty obvious: if we are discussing floorings, wall cladding, or furnishing solutions, wood is – and will always be – the best expression of warm and welcoming comfort for our home interior.

Wood Matches For All Tastes

It doesn’t matter what decor you like: whether you lean toward modern sensibilities or imagine your home to resemble a rustic farmhouse, wood can work for you. And if you’re doubtful about this claim, we’re ready to provide a few matches to make you feel inspired

  • light/neutral woods for those you like the minimal and clean Scandinavian/Nordic design;
  • eclectic and textured woods for a modern rustic atmosphere;
  • dark and glossy finished woods to experience the best modern luxury;
  • rough and natural wood for your industrial loft;
  • warm woods for zen and Japanese style.

Now… let’s get to the point! Follow along this article to discover the 3 top trending wood solutions for interior design for 2021.

Not sure where to start?

Parquet Floorings

For the interior design world, parquet floorings are the perfect comfort zone. Comfortable, Technological, and sustainable, there’s the best parquet for every need, taste, and area of your house.

Don’t you believe it? Feel inspired by Listone Giordano and discover our selection to help you choose the perfect wood flooring for your needs.

Fun fact: did you know that the word parquet comes from the old French “parchet”? Introduced in the Versailles’s palaces, originally the word in France was used to indicate the rooms where were hosted conferences and meetings. No better world for a warm and welcoming material like this!

Wall Claddings

And if your flooring is already set, don’t worry… Élitis has some beautiful wall claddings solutions in wood and essences, rattan, recycled teak.

Clad the entire room for a warm and cozy atmosphere or select one single wall to highlight a focal point. You can even frame a specific area of your wall to clad and create the perfect custom designs – a wall-integrated headboard of the bed, the background for a shelf unit system, etc… – that can complete and elevate your furniture selection.

Furnishing Solutions

Finally and last but not least, the furnishing solutions. Thanks to the veins, the irregularities of its shape and nodes, the shades of colours and the different qualities, wood is a material that can be unique to create furnishing designs with the feel of customized solutions.

For these premises composing the question, Riva 1920 is the answer: from tables to beds and complements, in Riva 1920’s catalogue you can find the best solution for each one of your needs.

Worth mentioning, each of their products and packaging is completely natural and sustainable and, each time a tree is cut, others are replanted.

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