Interior design trends 2021

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With a 2020 that has completely changed the way we live our home, we cannot help but look with curiosity at what will be the 2021 trends for interior design



In 2020 we have been experiencing our so-called new normal, where “staying in is the new going out”. Home is where our heart is, that’s for sure, but it is also where we work, we relax, we exercise and we even spend our holidays. 

We are probably re-evaluating some design choices made, after spending the last few months trying to re-arrange open spaces that have become too open, seeking privacy in a home that has suddenly become too crowded and unfit to find the concentration our job requires.

We are all in this together and the 2021 interior design trends can only be inspired by our new lifestyle and take into account completely new needs.

If you are ready to reclaim your space, January is the quintessential of a new start: new year, new resolutions… New Interiors. Read on for more suggestions and discover the best new trends for 2021. 

Your home is ready for a makeover and it is all about the open floor with “functional” rooms.

Hidden Functionality

The kitchen is, and always will be, the focal point of our home, but how many times has it happened to you to think “if only I could hide it”? Now you can.

Opting for a hidden kitchen design will give you the possibility to enjoy the warmth of your cooking time with your friends and family while – thanks to doors, sliding elements, and agile furniture – having a tidy and sleek furniture design.

Your conference calls with the kitchen background will not be a problem anymore!

Hybrid Solutions

To optimize space hiding the kitchen may not be enough, especially if you need a multifunctional area for all the family, with different interests and needs. 

The answer then is to work on the main element of the living room: what about a sofa that you can mix and move to give new functionality to the space?

An island that can work as a bed, chaise longue, or even armchair and coffee table… modular systems are the keyword.

Being inside while out

At a time when leaving out perimeter is often prohibited and generally not recommended, some areas of our home have became the most appreciated for our physical and mental well-being: open spaces are more desired and used than ever, even during the coldest months of the year.

Among the trends for 2021, outdoor furniture could not be missing to make our balcony and courtyard even more cozy and comfy.

What about colors and textures in 2021?

statement walls

Neutrals are classics, gray is elegant, and white is minimal; but isn’t it boring to have a home in black and white? Do not hesitate anymore and stop waiting to put on that wallpaper you have been eyeing for years.

Wallpaper has experienced ups and downs in terms of popularity in the past. Today it is definitely a key element, particularly in its bold variations. Bright colors, floral or geometric motifs, animals, and much more… there is basically something to suit all tastes!

Tip: a perspective wallpaper will make your small spaces look bigger.

illuminating and ultimate gray - pantone colors of the year

Obviously, in the trends for 2021, Pantone colors cannot be missing. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating perfectly sum up what we need in this delicate period: security and positivity.

Using these colors in our home ensures a good dose of optimism and determination that can make a difference in everyday life.

Check out our latest article to learn more.

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