Camaleonda Sofa: a new chapter of a legendary story

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Born in the 70s, but staying alive through all the past five decades of interior history - this sofa is more than just a style symbol and more than just a trend: its an ICON for the whole design industry.



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Lets celebrate with you the re-edition of Camaleonda Sofa with a homage to a living story!

Story of Camaleonda

The legendary Camaleonda Sofa is result from the cooperation between B&B Italia’s Research & Development Centre and the designer Mario Bellini. It’s great success developed during the time being featured in some film-sets and international design museums.
The 2020 reissue levels the previous high demanded vintage piece up to a new standard which can be described as a new classic contemporary version.


Mario Bellini is called a Master in the industry – a top mentor for all Architects. His artwork completes function and design at the same time and is more a creative output of an intelligent construction, putting the perspective of an artist and engineer together.

Famous because of its 25 pieces displayed in the permanent design collection of the New York MoMa, he is an eight-time award-winning representative of the Golden Compass. To mention is as well his position of the editor of Domus magazine (1985-1991) and being a Royal Honorary Designer of RDI. And thats just the top of his honors he received for his special designs and creations, showing his significance for the industry.

Art, Design, Architecture – the proof of the wide range of his outstanding design thinking is shown various times in exhibitions and retrospectives all over the world.

His signature is also placed on buildings such as the Portello Trade Fair district (Milan), the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), the City History Museum (Bologna), the Department of Islamic Art at the Louvre (Paris), Europes largest Convention Centre in Milan and Airport Terminal T3 (Rome-Fiumcino), just to mention a few.

Choosing this furniture piece will lead to a huge variety of design opportunities.
But what is unique about Camaleonda’s design?


It comes out with a high flexibility in terms of the 90x90x seat modules which can be disassemble easily to unlimited modularity thanks to tie-rods and rings. It’s geometric shape pattern reminds of a set of pixels which offers an incredible comfortable standard.


All materials of the sofa are with a recyclable or recycled character.
Padded polyurethane forms the special captionnè design while the main material of the seats, backrest and armrests as well as the bases are made of wooden panels which shows even more its sustainable character. The spherical ‘feet’ of the sofa are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified beech wood.


The padding is protected by a removable cover made of dacron, a synthetic fabric that is entirely made of recycled PET. So its up to your choice of frequently changing style and color depending on your seasonal needs, upcoming trends or just your personal mood!

Re-born, Re-interpreted, Re-edition:
Re-naissance of a true classic!

Visit our Showroom & get inspired by Mario Bellini’s design wonder!

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