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August is made for holidays, at least here in Italy; it’s summertime and we’re all looking forward to our vacation days. And while we leave to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation, we will take the opportunity to discover some incredible museums for design lovers.

If you’re a design lover like us, we bet you’re on the search for places where to appreciate design and art… even on your days off!

Well, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest places for all design lovers to visit this summer, and – spoiler – they’re all outstanding.

And although we know that some museums are very famous for a reason and everyone should visit, for example, MOMA at least once, this article was born from the desire to reveal the hidden beauty that lies behind the greatest pieces of design that furnish our homes.

So… Are you a design lover? Do you want to join us and learn more about how some brands produce our dream furnishings?

If your answer is Yes to the above questions, you are in the right place. Follow this article and reserve a stop-over in one of these amazing places.

Poltrona Frau – Tolentino, Italy

Designed by Michele De Lucchi in Tolentino, within the Poltrona Frau facility, this museum shows the inner workings of Poltrona Frau, its hundred years of workmanship, design, quality, and leather culture.

When entering the museum you are welcomed by Poltrona Frau’s “intelligence of the hands”: unique skills that since the beginnings are an integral part of each of its products. A confirmation that heritage is the foundation for the future.
Poltrona Frau Museum” is indeed a company museum, but it is also a dynamic container that houses exhibitions and cultural events involving the world of design and architecture. It has become a gathering spot, a place for talk and reflection, and where to transmit energy, passion and drive of creating great designs that belong to our Made in Italy.

Museum closed to the public from 8 August to 27 August

Vitra - Weil am Rhein, Germany

The Vitra campus is one of the world’s most prestigious places to visit for design lovers. It gathers together iconic architectures, design masterpieces, museum and atmospheres for your home, all in the same place.

The Vitra Design Museum inside the campus is devoted to the study and presentation of design, both past and contemporary, as well as the link between design and architecture, art, and daily culture.

Molteni – Giussano, Italy

Signed by Jasper Morrison and Studio Cerri & Associati, the building itself is a museum.

Founded in 2015, the year of the Milan International Expo, it aims at commemorating 80 years of history, creativity, research, and quality of the Molteni group. Visiting the museum, you will discover a series of 48 iconic pieces and original prototypes… unmissable!

Knoll - East Greenville, Pennsylvania

The Knoll Museum displays a unique collection of Knoll icons that are no longer produced and picked from every era of the company’s history.

Knoll’s status as a renowned design expert is underscored by the archive collection, which depicts over fifty years of shifting preferences, technological and material advances, and changing customer requirements.

By appointment, the Knoll Museum is available to the public.

Kartell – Noviglio, Italy

President Claudio Luti founded Kartell Museum in 1999 to commemorate the company’s fiftieth anniversary with the goal of preserving, promoting, and enriching the company’s material and intangible cultural legacy.

The exhibit shows the more interesting materials related to the design history of the products made from 1949, the year the brand was founded, until the present day. Car accessories, household goods, lights, laboratory equipment, furniture, and accessories stand out as masterpieces of Italian design that have changed the domestic scene and entered our daily lives as icons.

Venini – Murano, Italy

You must also visit VENINI in MuranoThe origin of VENINI tells of a rare interaction between enthusiasm for glass and art, which has caught the curiosity of artists, designers, collectors, and some of the world’s most selective art enthusiasts in recent years.

From sketches, to photos and real prototypes, the museum hosts a complete collection of more than 60.000 pieces of wonderful and colorful craftsmanship. The result is a place that, while telling a story of Italian heritage, special memories and one-of-a-kind creations, looks to the future.

Barovier&Toso – Murano, Italy

If you are a lover of design and a diehard fan of glasswork, you must visit Barovier & Toso museum on vacation. The firm is based in Murano, near Venice, inside the Palazzo Contarini. They are proud of their heritage, their expert employees, and their remarkable glass creations, which are a winning blend of innovation and tradition.

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