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Being rooted in Carrara, Italy, Interni now focuses on supplying and designing both interiors and exteriors with Carrara marble. Our exclusive marble materials and products are the result of our passion for stone and belief in excellent design, innovation and attention to detail.

With more than 30 years of experience, we consult and support our customers by choosing the best materials and following each design stage, from the initial stone selection to the final pose. We provide guidance to customers, designers and architects from the concept and tender phase, troughout the construction, up until the shipment and final installation of the products.

Carrara marble is a natural stone of exceptional quality named after the italian quarries from where it is extracted. It is characterised by its gleam, delicate veining and charming features that make it an ideal choice for sophisticated interiors and exteriors.


find the right stone

Choosing the right stone is crucial for a good result, as there are several factors that could either weaken or highlight the same project.

follow the stone

Our stone consultants stick with the project’s requirements and, thanks to technical knowledge of contemporary & innovative materials, support you through the process of selecting and purchasing the best-fit stone.

design the stone

Whether it is about luxury residences, commercial properties, or largescale architectural designs, we take care of every detail of the project.


stone gallery

From Statuario to Bianco Carrara, Calacatta and Collemandina, a variety of 50 finishes of italian marble is in stock for you needs.

stone slabs, blocks & more

Our marble comes from the large quarries of Franchi Umberto Marmi, in Carrara. Once quarried, it is available in different sizes: blocks, slabs, tiles and more. From trending to classic selections, you can choose the best suited for your project.

stone shipping

With numerous shipping partners, we can provide stone material within 34 days.

Stone lab

create an ambience

At Interni now lab the possibility of working with stone is endless. We customize Carrara marble furniture and exclusive creations with dimensional versatility and material experimentation.

bespoke stone furnishing

Born from the collaboration between Franchi Umberto Marmi and Eugenio Biselli chief designer of Interni now, Home Design is an elegant collection of furniture for interiors and exteriors, with a skilful and unique use of marble without precedent.

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