Villa in Sardinia

This villa, located in the most private and reserved area within Costa Smeralda and facing the Maddalena Islands, is significantly important because it combines new and luxury finishes and furnitures with actual and natural elements of the landscape.

Thanks to the works of interior design finishing and furnishing carried out by Interni Now, the indoor pool and spa, the natural stone wall and the beautiful view to the outside enhance each-other in a win-to-win relationship.

Ginger chair Poltrona Frau

The Ginger armchair is enriched with elegant stitching that runs right along the external edge.

Flap sofa Edra

An original typology for a sofa contained in only fourteen centimeters of depth, that renews the traditional concept of sitting, and multiplies performance.

Scrigno Edra

Precious containers of different sizes, tall or short, with doors or drawers. The internal structure is of lacquered wood with special metallic paint of the same color of the exterior coating. The exterior surfaces are a mosaic of mirror shards, unique pieces made by hand.

On the Rock Edra

On the Rocks sofa brings in a new dimension of comfort, where the sofa and the people who live it takes centre stage: a soft sculpture that can be mixed.

Ilary cofee tatables Poltrona Frau

A mix of finishes and materials to create effects and combinations that are different each time, yet consistent.

Nabucco by Poltrona Frau

The Nabucco table combines the aesthetic power of an extremely personal style with a sleek and ethereal design.

Budapest soft by Baxter

With a frame in honeycomb fir and poplar wood, this bed filles the atmosphere with relaxing feelings. Sommier structure with three side bands. Differentiated density polyurethane foam filling. Leather-covered back of the headboard. The structure is covered in leather.

Juno by Baxter

Being made of moulded concrete, the solid and linearity and simplicity of Juno immediately relates with its nature and composition. With the passing of time the design may reaveal a few micro-cracks, typical of cement elements.

Glo Lamps by Penta light

Glo is an icon of our collection, a glass sphere enhancing the glare of light, in a game of reflections back and forth between the lamp and the space or among the very lamps.

The villa is spread on 4 floors and counts 12 bedrooms with a capacity of 25 hosts, an indoor pool and, on the outside, a private nurhag.

It required a detailed project from concept design to construction. The client asked for end to end services and Interni Now, whilst developing the project together with the design studio of the architect Giulio Cappellini, provided also textiles and furnitures.

Due to the beauty of the mountains where the house is anchored, the project aimed to bring the outside into the house and resulted in a real mountain wall, cleaned and sanitized, in the indoor pool and spa area.

The entire house in furnished with sleek and classy Italian pieces and Carrara marble in order to satisfy the desire of the client to have timeless furniture and interiors.

Calacatta bathroom
Portoro bathroom
Statuario master bedroom
Photos are courtesy of the client and subjected to his approval.

Carrara showroom

Forte In

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