Floating luxury: living on a superyacht

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What if we asked you the first feeling that comes to your mind when thinking about life on a superyacht? No, we’re not talking money-related; for us, it’s all about freedom… and, yes, comfort too!

Travels and vacation mood, never-ending summers and sunsets, and extreme relaxation are the few elements that bring together all the superyachts and their owners. Then, it’s all about their character, sense of aesthetics, and personal taste.

Leonardo da Vinci once said that “details create perfection, but perfection is not a detail”. Knowing his genius, we doubt that he didn’t already have superyachts in mind.

But one thing is for sure: whether he thought about it or not, the main aspects to take into consideration when talking about superyachts are customization, details, and perfection.

Customization: the owner’s lifestyle is the guiding spirit of the entire project and the yacht often becomes the extension of his home. Getting to know how he likes to live and where he enjoys spending time – which typically tends to be within the sea -, it is possible to create something like a perfectly tailored custom suit.

Details: from plan distribution to shapes, furniture and materials, everything has to be perfectly designed and integrated into the full context. And then complements, accessories, art pieces, and books: nothing is ever left to chance and every detail has its own story, even the smallest flower arrangement.

Perfection: as in Da Vinci’s words and even in the simplest mathematical operations, it is easy to understand how customization plus attention to every detail must result in perfect work. There are no other alternatives.

Want to know more and see the final results of this entire process? 

Follow along with the article and discover two out of the many other works we have carried out together with the firm LUCA DINI Design & Architecture.

M/Y Agora III

Launched in February 2019 and signed by ISA Yachts, M/Y Agora III is still listed among the Japanese largest private yachts.

Together with Studio Dini, we have managed to design furnishing solutions that create airy and sleek rooms as the perfect setting for waterside living and entertaining. Wide openings catch the most of natural light and are able to make the occupants enjoy the sea while being indoor. On the contrary, precious materials and luxury finishes give the idea of living in a very luxurious villa, rather than on a boat.


Built in 2020, M/Y LEL by Rossinavi was conceived with the intent to have as many as wide and comfortable living areas as possible. Generous open spaces make the most of the open-air and actual terraces overlook the sea, aiming for nature to meet technology. In this project, luxury, refinement, and elegance merge together and create a combination in which to immerse yourself surrounded by the top of contemporary aesthetics research.

Finally, measuring 50 meters in length, the yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests. We would love to be among those 12 lucky people; what about you? Wouldn’t that be a dream?

This is just a small selection of the naval projects we are currently working on. If you enjoyed the possibility to take a quick glimpse and go for a short virtual tour of our dreamy yachts, stay tuned for more… The best is yet to come!

But if you are lucky enough to design or – why not – own one of them, then contact us: the most beautiful yacht is the one that has not been built yet.

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