Design project: HOTEL MICHELANGELO Carrara/Italy

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How to translate the identity of an hotel which is named after one of the most important Italian artists of all life-time?


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How to translate the identity of an hotel, which is named after one of most important Italian artists of all life-time, Michelangelo di Ludovico Buonarroti Simoni?

Therefore how to transform design into a living artwork?

Let’s discover our interpretation of a modern design souvenir


Surrounded by the Apuan Alps, notable for the white and grey marble quarries, Carrara itself is worldwide known as the Italian cradle of marble, offering a range of stone qualities for all kind of art, design and furnishing solutions.

A strong identity offers a significant recognition, in the case of Carrara also through the unique view of the mountain’s silhouette – Carrara Skyline – that can be seen from the entire coast and the seaside.

The local academies of sculpture and fine arts, as well as a museum of statuary and antiquities, offer cultural storytelling to dip deep into the city’s unique history.


Located in a strategic position within the city, Michelangelo Hotel is the only 4 stars superior Hotel in Carrara and it consists of up to 1500 sqm spread on 5 floors.

It offers a high standard of services including a range of luxury suites, business meeting rooms, a yacht charter service and more.

Special spots are the American bar and the hotel’s flagship.

A high-end panoramic terrace on the fifth floor offering a special view in which ‘the sea colors melt to the snow-white of the marble quarries.’


The hotel’s name comes from the greatest artist Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475) that made carrara marble a milestone material for luxury.

The main scope of the design work of Interni Now was to bring to the interiors of the hotel the same value and luxe factor given by the strategic position in the town of Carrara.

The formula “Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment” (FF&E) of the contract was very effective because it gave us the possibility to completely change the look of the Hotel without any kind of deep interventions.

INTNOW Key aspects

Type: FF&E

Status: completed

Designer: Intnow design team

Brand selected: Glamora, MisuraEmme, Tom Dixon

A unique four stars superior Hotel in Carrara with a totally renewed face and a new SPA and swimming pool on the roof and business areas in the lower floor, perfect for every client and every type of stay.

We created a colorful and very dynamic hall where are hosted both the hotel’s guests waiting area and a few informal business meeting spaces, while the conference hall is reserved for events, gala dinners and company’s parties.

For the open terrace on the upper floor, Interni Now has designed a private bar and a SPA area, together with a pool and loungers to enjoy the warm weather and the mentioned legendary views of Carrara’s Marble quarries.

Get yourself into the region of Carrara, our home area, which we can highly recommend for any art of inspiration with precious natural stone material.

Visit Hotel Michelangelo to connect with our vision of a modern design philosophy putting together culture, history and interior design in an inspiring relationship and artwork.

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