Super kitchens: our design guide

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Super kitchens: our design guide

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With the solutions we have selected for you, you will finally have the kitchen you have always dreamed of: elegant and functional



Once it was Cycene, coming from the Latin coquere and coquina. Later adjusted in kichene, today it is known as kitchen; but despite the different spellings and pronunciations, the function doesn’t change: the kitchen is where our home’s heart is.

Follow along to discover a few component solutions that may capture your interest and turn a basic kitchen design into the one of your dreams.

The island of everyone’s dreams

The kitchen with the island is the most common dream of those who are willing to design their kitchen.

The island increases the available working surface and the storage capacity of the kitchen, it can integrate the cooking and washing area or can even accommodate a spacious snack bar. If you need additional storage, use the island to install cabinets; you can close it altogether or keep some areas open or even treat it as a monolithic element and leave the leading role to the material.

One single island, many different layouts!

Peninsula: aesthetically pleasing and functional

A contemporary kitchen with a peninsula is perfect for those who want to have an open plan living area whilst creating movement within the selected layout. Open on the living room, with snack counter and stools or with peninsula table: all of these solutions guarantee high-impact designs in large environments or, in smaller ones, allow to functionally divide the areas of the room.

Informal and welcoming, the compositions designed in this way are suitable for those who want to live immersed in a convivial atmosphere, where the moments of the day are not clearly separated from each other but coexist in spaces that can combine work and relaxation.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with our few suggestions.

Have you ever thought of integrating the dining table in your kitchen?

It is a matter of fact: the more pieces of furniture we have, the more space we need to move around them. As a plus, it is a common issue to always need more space while being in and using our kitchens. If these are the questions, a built-in table might be the perfect answer.

Scaled according to the space and dimensioned considering the number of people that usually dine in the kitchen, a built-in table can turn into an additional cooking space, a snack top or even a working desk. Integrated in the insula or designed as an overlapping plane, square or round, fixed or movable, hidden or not, there are endless possibilities to choose among.

Hidden beauty

High-end kitchen brands have transformed pure geometries and essential lines into focal points and luxury traits.

Whether you live in a small open space that you need to transform when necessary, or if you simply love your kitchen to be perfectly tidy and minimal looking, the retractable kitchen may be the solution for you. It is a smart idea for those who want to experience the kitchen functionally without having anything in sight.

Don’t know exactly how it works? Take a look at our gallery.

The details make the difference

A kitchen that is worth the name has to be designed in the details, following the new technologies and the progress of its applications. All the appliances need to be built in and made to work together.

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