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Let you get inspired with our brands to gift your beloved ones or to decorate your home with items that will last and be a present reminder and collected memory of precious moments together



It’s that time of the year again: this time more than ever, we are invited to enjoy our Christmas festivities feeling the pleasure to spend some time at home, surrounded by our loved ones and having small celebrations. This is the perfect year to enjoy the small things, those that warm our hearts and glimmer our eyes.

But how to breathe the coziness of winter festivities?

How to upgrade traditional and always identical decorations for your Christmas table?

We’ll be more than pleased to inspire you with some suggestions.

Here you are with some ideas to feel a special atmosphere around every corner of your homes, filled with lovely lightenings while the cold and frosty mornings and evenings give some mystic feelings additionally. Let’s introduce our top brands for this year’s Advent & Christmas time!

“A room should feel collected, not decorated.”

Elsie de Wolfe

Decorate your dreams with EDG

In 1970, Enzo De Gasperi built today’s leading company in the home décor industry. Taken his initials for the brand’s name, he’s giving the products its own same astonishing attitude and a modernist style feature. 

Including exterior as well as interior, the EDG assortment displays more than 25.000 design products. Choosing chic and contemporary, you can find accessory collections created for all diverse home dimensions in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Contact us and receive our selection in the comfort of your home

Breathe the coziness with Baobab

Candles? Know about THE candles for the precious and lovely Advent season.

Taking the name of the famous baobab trees from the African savannah, since 2002 Baobab Collection took designers hearts for extraordinary perfumes and simple but elegant labelings – made in Belgium. Reflecting the country’s origin, all candles offer a minimal chic style adding a unique sensory experience to every single piece which is sustainably manufactured by only the best European artisans.

Contact us and receive our selection in the comfort of your home

Wine and dine with Chilewich

Founder and creative director of the brand and company Chilewich | Sultan LCC, Sandy Chilewich, designs innovative textiles starting her journey in 2000. Her signature style on placemats and floor mats can be found in homes and restaurants all over the world. “The durability of this extruded yarn, the intrinsic sheen of the material, its tremendous design versatility, and the fact that it is washable inspired me then and continues to inspire me today”, is a declaration of the designer’s ongoing love with the material.

Nowadays the portfolio includes woven vinyl placemats, table runners and tablecloths as well as floor mats and totes.

Contact us and receive our selection in the comfort of your home

Slow down and relax with Avant Toi

The brand Avant Toi was founded by Mirko Ghignone putting his passion for the art world and aesthetic research together to create unique items of yarns and knits. Called a ‘pioneer in cashmere evolution’, technical experimentation and innovation are key in terms of developing coloring and piece dying to new standards.

The brand ‘captures the true beauty of cashmere and fine Italian knitwear’ offering a home collection including cushions, plaids and everything which express coziness on a luxury level.

Contact us and receive our selection in the comfort of your home

With the best European decoration brands, which choose artisans and craftsmanship for the highest quality standard, we guarantee a luxury sense of well-being.


  • Less is more… except for your Christmas tree lights: for a dreamy effect, quantity is a must! According to a more or less shared rule, you need 300 lights for every meter of tree height.
  • Use fresh greeneries to decorate your favorite corner: they are sustainable and smell incredible.
  • And…

               …this year there won’t be any kisses under the mistletoe, but what about some smiling eyes in front of the Christmas lights? Remember Christmas is about the atmosphere, and nothing can beat it: enjoy your festivities!

Choose INTNOW to stay up to date with the latest decoration trends! Visit us and find inspiration at our Showrooms in Carrara & Forte dei Marmi- Do yourself a pre-present or prepare for gifting your beloved ones with exclusive design pieces!


Perfumed Crystal Candle H10cm


Spray for Rooms and Fabrics 100ml


Leatherette Room Fragrance - 430ml


Scented Candle Sfera


Candles - Stones Line


Candles - Les Exclusives Line


Sea Lace Oval


Bloom Round

avant toi

Fur Stitch Pillow
Carob - 40x40cm

avant toi

Fur Stitch Rug
Carob - 145x65cm

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