How To Light Up Your Home

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Winter has a different meaning for each one of us: it can be seen as a magical season marked by the holidays and taking us back to our childhood, as a new start of dynamism and great professional drive, or in many other different ways. Regardless of everyone’s perception, one thing is certain: like the most beautiful stars need the night to shine, winter is the most perfect season to enlighten our homes.

Let’s learn together how to turn the winter’s tide and design our home warming up our needs, creating a natural and pleasant atmosphere.

It’s Not About Just Heating A Room, But More About Feeding The Soul And Lighting Up The Atmosphere.


Its fame precedes it and everyone can imagine what it feels to be able to spend some time within a crackling flame: it creates experiences

An archetypal element of family warmth, Christmas holidays and home comfort, it has the ability to transform the atmosphere of a room and light up the perception we have of a moment. Serendipity is the keyword, taking time for ourselves and our loved ones the activity.

Being such an important element for our well-being and the atmosphere of our home, the fireplace has undergone a real evolution over time.

The technological transformations it has been involved in have permitted it to get out of the traditional canons, with which it was conceived, and to considerably improve in safety. This has given designers great freedom to transform it into a versatile element that can be perfectly integrated with many different styles of furniture.

Fireplaces are actual furniture pieces that can be designed according to everyone’s needs.

Don’t you believe it? Then take a look at the selection we have prepared.

Light Is Life. Lighting Is Design. … Or At Least It Should Be, But Not Everyone Listens.

Choosing the right lighting is important, but when the sun goes down at 4pm, well … it becomes a priority. In the time of the year when we cannot enjoy natural light as we would like, the lighting study is essential both for the harmony of the entire home and the enhancement of the other elements of our interior design.

You should remember that it is one of the first things our mind notices when entering a room, since it greatly influences the environment’s atmosphere and our perception of it. Based on our choices, we can modify and direct the style of a space, how welcoming that environment will be, and of course, its mood.

Light is one of the focal points within the room, a piece of furniture to be chosen carefully that can determine the style we want to express and experience and the character we want to attribute to an area.

When deciding how to enlighten a space, get inspired by natural light and try to replicate it: by enlightening what is hit by the sun and playing with shadows, you’ll create beautiful and three-dimensional chromatisms.

Insider’s tip: during winter days and when in doubt, go for gold! As a finish, it has always been an expression of light and heat and, when designing the look of a space, it can make the difference, especially if used for artsy and bold suspension lamps.

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