How to design your perfect outdoor kitchen

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In the list of positives related to the warm season, there is definitely the possibility of dining outdoors. Discover the secrets to designing the outdoor kitchen to enjoy evenings with family and friends.



While summer approaches, our lifestyle starts to lean more toward open-air activities. Since it’s finally time to live our outdoor space at its best, what a better start than transforming our cooking corner into a remarkably designed space, where to host friends and family and embrace the pure Italian essence of fine dining?

If you’re wondering how to design your outdoor kitchen, the style you’d like to go for and which features have to be installed versus what is not needed, this article is for you!

Follow along to discover a few tips to design your perfect kitchen, to learn about the most common – and sustainable – materials used and feel inspired by our gallery and selection.

Where to start designing your new outdoor kitchen

Custom, modular or compact, the only fixed traits for outdoor kitchens have to be flexibility and user-friendly organization. To sum up, for your chill time and relaxing days an outdoor kitchen has to be:

  • compact and functional, to avoid wasting precious space with useless kitchen appliances;
  • with simple and sleek lines, to require small maintenance and to be easy to clean;
  • with a big top that helps you get organized and brings the efficiency and practicality of indoor kitchens outside.

An outdoor kitchen can fit perfectly in any context, just combine balanced aesthetics and interesting materials. And please remember that, whether the style you choose to go for, your outdoor cuisine is the extension of your home and should fit nicely in the entire frame.

Stainless steel

Resistant to atmospheric agents and easy to clean, stainless steel is the most versatile and common material used for this purpose. But being minimal and hardwearing, Corian is a great alternative too. Boffi masters both these solutions and has created remarkable designs using them on their own or pairing them with wood.

Natural stone

If you want to harmonize with the landscape, opt for natural stone: it embellishes every space as well as having infinite durability and excellent hygiene features.

The Stripes kitchen by Eugenio Biselli at Home Design is a synthesis of the highest expressions of design, craftsmanship and technology, designed to be functional and practical without having to give up the beauty and luxury of Zebrino marble. It is the perfect choice to be installed both indoor and outdoor.

Vaselli has made of stone the perfect match for outdoor kitchens and, with the Chrysalis line, has created a result that merges together the rough look of a travertine block and the refined details of the finished product.

Project: arch. Paul Konstant - Konstant
Architecture Planning. Interior design: Margot Stone Bowen - Margot Bowen Fine Arts, LLC.
Construction company: Morelli Costruzioni s.a.s.
Photo: Davide Dainelli.


Honourable mention for Elmar, that has developed an incredibly compact and functional concrete kitchen, without having to give up sustainability. Libera merges together steel and different shades of Cementoskin®, a cement that provides a water-based and emission-free production cycle.

Tip: combining different materials and a wide range of finishes, allows to create compositions to be integrated in any architectural setting. And if you choose independent modules, you will be able to seamlessly modify and expand your kitchen over time.

That’s all you need to know when planning to design your new outdoor kitchen.

And for the rest of the space, we’ve already got you covered; in case you’ve missed it, check out our latest article on how to set up your perfect outdoor dining area!

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