Good vibes in your perfect cosy corner

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With very few elements it is possible to recreate your happy place where chill and relax. For this simple recipe all you need is an armchair, a bookshelf and a floor lamp



If you are catching up on this article with us, means you love interior design and you are constantly thinking of ways to improve that corner of your house or change things up.

Are you lucky enough to have a spare room to transform in your happy place where to chill and relax? Or, on the contrary, are you one of those who need to maximize the space at home and can just benefit from a corner in the living area?

Don’t worry, whether you are from one or the other team, we’ve got you covered!

Follow the article and find the very few ingredients you need to create the perfect cosy recipe for your favourite corner and/or room in your home!

First things first: when searching for space where to chill and relax, take in mind that has to be cosy both for your body and your mind. We’re not just talking about furry armchairs and cachemire blankets, but about finding some time to enjoy the small things and feeding our soul all year round.

Ingredients: Armchair, bookshelf, floor lamp.


Comfortable, usually swivelling and for sure enveloping, armchairs are the perfect furnishing element when thinking of a place where to relax. Splurge on an armchair in the best design, material and dimension for your needs … you won’t regret it!

Discover our picks and feel inspired.


The name says it all: a good book is the best way to feed our soul, keep entertained and never stop learning. Choose a bookshelf that works nicely with the rest of your furnishing, the style of your home and the space where it fits; fill it with your favourite books, family pictures, candles or wherever you prefer and your corner will immediately feel new and improved!

Are you in lack of ideas on what to choose? Scroll our gallery!

Floor lamp

Once you’ve created the perfect set up and you can relax on your armchair while reading your fave book or listening to some good music, the only thing you’re missing is the perfect light!

Not too high nor too bright, diffused or not, a floor lamp is a perfect solution for your corner and we’re ready to find the best one for you.

Don’t you believe it? Catch up on our selection… you’ll thank us later!

Additional ingredients to be added if you want to spice the things up!

A coffee table, a rug, a blanket to warm up your winter … a fireplace, for those of you who are so lucky to have it!

Scroll through our previous articles and discover our design tips and furniture selection!

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