5 Ways To Create A Dream Spa Bathroom

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Have you always wanted to have a sweet little spa nook in your home? How about a true oasis of haven in your own bathroom?

Sounds quite dreamy, doesn’t it? Having a jacuzzi, for instance, and surrounding yourself with calm relaxing hues and scents just like in a genuine spa is everybody’s dream. Well, luckily you can have all the relaxation you need if you only use some of our spa bathroom ideas.

Check out this little guide and enjoy all the Zen-like atmosphere in your dream spa bathroom.

Opt For Deep Colours And Natural Textures

Colours are crucial for every interior. Before you start thinking about furniture types, you should
consider all the hues that you want in your little spa bathroom. What you want for a spa-like feel are calm neutral tones that will promote relaxation and soothe you in every way possible. From white to beige, mauve, pastel green and muted hues of blue and brown, you’ll want to replicate the nature-like look from the outside.

Make sure the walls and floors colours compliment each other and incorporate furniture that will fit in perfectly with the surroundings. Natural stone and warm wood textures will offer a feeling of relaxation too.

Invest In A Jacuzzi Bathtub Or A Therapy Shower

Nothing says spa the way a jacuzzi does. Just imagine coming home from a tiring day at the office and simply indulging in a relaxing bath at your home. Not just a regular bath, but a real soothing one in your very own jacuzzi.

All you need for a calming ambience is a few drops of essential oils or soaps and salts, and allow the bubbling water to do the rest. You’ll love the aromas of all the natural scents that will allow you to unwind and let all your worries go away.

Separate The Tub From The Rest

You don’t want the bathroom to look too “bathroom-ey,” so another one of good spa bathroom ideas would be to separate the tub from the rest of the space.

One of the amazing options would be placing the tub in an arched space. Another creative idea includes you putting the tub behind a divider, and right next to the window. Just low enough so you can enjoy the privacy but still have a look at the outdoors.

Whether you opt for a literal wall or a temporary divider, it would be a nice little seclusion for the tub. Think dividers with a cultural/oriental design if you’d like to add a bit of extra spa-like vibe.

Create Extra Storage And Keep Things Organized

Zero clutter is one of the most important characteristics of every spa. You cannot have any mess
distracting you from your alone relaxing time, so be sure you have all the items in their place. Add
storage in various areas of your bathroom, where you’ll keep all the essentials out of plain sight.

No idea where to put cotton balls without making a mess? How about getting glass jars and filling them up. Then place the jars on display and all the mess is no more. If you want your towels out in the open, invest in a wicker basket and roll them up nicely inside it. You can keep the basket close to the tub so you can reach the towels easily after a relaxing bath. If you’re not sure what to do with all the toiletries, soaps and lotions, get a tray and assemble them all together for a true spa-like organisation.

Bring In Some Plants

Plants will add a touch of nature indoors and create a super cosy ambience in your bathroom. Potted plants will create a feeling of natural serenity so consider a few types for your bathroom. Think aloe vera, ferns, and pathos because they will absolutely thrive in the bathroom. Those plants will act as air purifiers too, so you can certainly add more than just one. Feel free to place them around the tub, by the toilet, or even inside the shower.

Bonus tip:

It’s All About The Senses

You cannot imagine a cosy spa without soothing aromas, can you? In that sense, we suggest you create a soothing atmosphere with Baobab candles. Light them up and place all around the tub as you soak up and let your mind wander. With the help of Culti perfumes, you’ll fill the bathroom with all of your favourite scents that will allow you to completely de-stress, and have the best spa in your home.

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