3 solutions to set up you home office

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It can be difficult to create new environments in already defined spaces and, of course, the space in the house does not multiply. However, space can be optimized.

To identify the perfect working angle, three essential elements are enough: a desk of the right size for your spaces and your needs, a comfortable chair, an adequate lamp.

How to transform a space when it’s already structured?
How to create an office in the comfort of our living-room, our bedroom or wherever we find our perfect fit?

Here you are with three scheme suggestions for three different needs

1_Small Yet organized

Small yet organized

For those who don’t have much space to set up an home office, organization is the key. But your space management skills won’t be enough if you don’t opt for the right furniture.

A desk like the Vitra Home desk, would be ideal for you: compact, with integrated shelves and hidden drawers. Add a led lamp, such us the Kartell’s Aledin Tec, to brighten up your space, and your set up is completed. But if you need more space, remember: walls are your best friends; use the Vitra Uten silo and hang some additional storage.

Have a coffe, sit down on your comfy and fun Kartell Maui soft Trevira chair and enjoy your home work day. You’ll thank us later.

Iconic and functional

You are a design lover but you can’t justify buying something that won’t be 100% functional? The Vitra Eames desk unit Edu is the one for you: iconic, simple yet different, big enough to contain all your working bits and with built in storage.

To create the perfect home office, stick to the desk colors and play with different shapes: a black and minimal chair, like the Kartell Piuma, with the Vitra’s Lampe de Bureau would pair perfectly with funnier O-tidy and Ceramic clocks, both from Vitra too.

Mix and move

Finally, the one for the “working nomads”, typically those who need different backgrounds according to the scope of work and/or can benefit from large spaces. If you are one of these, go for a wheeled desk: the Kartell Max is easy to move and its aesthetics can adapt to almost any space and style. Choose a chair comfy enough to work on it but with a line that makes it easy to be used for different occasions: the Vitra softchell chair would be perfect for your office, your dining room or even your dressing table. The Kartell Space, an usb rechargeable lamp, would top perfectly on your moving desk and, if you get creative, you can easily recycle your Kartell Boxy toothbrush holder as a pen holder.

How to be at home at work is the question.
Vitra and Kartell are today’s answer, let’s get to know the companies.


Fun fact: it’s thanks to a Charles and Ray Eames chair, discovered by chance by Willi Fehlbaum – Vitra’s founder – while window shopping in New York, that Vitra came to light.

Founded in the early ‘50s, it is a design company that was born with the intent of partnering with renowned international architects and designers to create classic and iconic designs. Every designer has a lasting friendship with Vitra and every design tells a story: “furnishings from another era that remain as timely and vital as ever and continue to move and inspire us” (www.vitra.com)


With the dream of turning the disregarded plastic material into a noble and elegant quality, Giulio Castelli and his wife Anna Castelli Ferrieri build their own empire of products which are considered as a brilliant solution between technology and design.

Since 1949, the company has an international appearance collaborating with designers, museums and be known for extraordinary design solutions with an artificial intelligence. Wether if furniture or decoration, colorful but simple artwork is guaranteed by the famous Italian brand.

Way-it-should-be-ness. If an object is really well designed, the idea of it having been designed wouldn’t come up at all

Charles Eames


The desk 

Small or big, by the wall or in the middle of the room, suspended or with integrated storage. There’s the best desk for everyone needs.

The chair 

For short working slots, a pouf could be a nice idea; but if the hours become days, you’ll need the right chair. It doesn’t need to be an office one, but it for sure needs to be comfortable.

The lamp 

Be ready for your meeting, not for a headache. The right lamp is fundamental when setting up your perfect home office.

Bonus: the clock 

When working from home, it may be difficult to find the right work-life balance. Set a schedule, set a clock… at least most of the time!

That’s all folks for now, but, maybe, this post will become a series…
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