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Home Design is an exclusive furniture line by Franchi Umberto Marmi, a company leader in stone innovation. Born from the collaboration between Franchi Umberto Marmi and Eugenio Biselli, chief designer of Interni now, it resulted in this elegant collection of furniture for interiors and exteriors, all made out of marbles extracted from Carrara stone quarries.

Launched during Milan Design Week 2019 as an unprecedented line dedicated to the home interior, it arrived at a time of great ferment and dynamism and marks a significant entry into the world of design with a complete catalog of complements of furniture for interiors and exteriors and highly innovative pioneers.

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A collection in which geometric rigor is king, becoming almost poetry.

The lines are minimal, essential, elegant, and tell with apparent lightness customizable and impressive furnishing accessories, where the noble Carrara marble goes well with fine fabrics and precious finishes.

Calacatta and Grigio Collemandina are enhanced by different wood essences while the selection of metals adds surprising detail to the whole and creates an unexpected game of contrasts. A project of contemporary design in the forms, but with a soul without time.

Designed by Luca Dini Design & architecture


A continuous search for balance between lightness and body, important volumes, and sinuous shapes that become the trait d’union of the entire collection.

Here too the Carrara marble becomes the protagonist, assuming characteristics that by nature they do not belong to him, but which make him, in the eyes of the beholder, even more so seductive. Elements totally customizable and adaptable to the needs of those who will live them.

Designed by Luca Dini Design & architecture


In our Bettogli collection the marble sleekly wraps you and makes you feel relaxed in the unusual comfort of marble.

This beautiful collection, that includes sofas, armchairs and chaises longues, is made with unique structure for the seatback and the armrests that follows a continuous, rigorous and essential line.

Plunge into a warm and exciting embrace.


Marble, brass and aluminum: three noble materials are set up in this collection, that stands out for the sleekness of the lines and proportions.

The pieces that make the Mattis line up are a: three seat sofa, an armchair and a bookshelf. These are all born out of the pursuit of research and innovation in natural stone, making it reveal its soul and essence.

A contemporary and refined image is the original trait of these objects that can be well contextualized in both interiors and exteriors.


Designed as a multi-function collection, Ritagli proposes a different way of experiencing domestic spaces.

In its essentiality, it consists of two modules of different sizes where marble alternates with structural aluminum. Being as modular components, the pieces in this collection turn from a simple surface into an actual seat.

In Ritagli the design is the functional element to balance and enhance marble’s inner traits.


In front of this collection, the feeling is that of flying into space. Flight is the sign of modernity made of research, formal harmony, and perfection in proportions.

A monolithic collection that becomes almost sculptural to celebrate the undisputed elegance of the finest marble. It does so through the juxtaposition of the incredible Calacatta marble to precious fabrics and materials.

Customizable in every detail and designed to be positioned on the wall or in the center of the room, individual furnishing accessories become the undisputed protagonists of any environment.


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