New website launch 2020

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“There’s nothing more addictive or incredible in life than reinventing yourself and allow yourself to be different every day.” —Thalia —


#design world

While the world pandemic kept challenging the creative industry in terms of regulations and cancellations in the design capitals, we’d had been already in plans and thoughts about how the vision of our company, brand, services and products will develop in the upcoming years:

How will be the communication for Interior, Design and Architecture develop in the luxury industry?


How to stay connected while offering the highest service standard with the approach to take online to the same personalized level than offline?


How will coherently design look like as being the visionary, more, the pioneer in the industry always being one step ahead?


We proudly announce our answer to all of this questions:

Discover our new website!

Months of work – if it is about redesigning, sketching, drawing, planing, creating moods and strategies – are finally paying off: this website is a place of creative discovery, capturing the interior world by the highest version of consulting and sharing information about the industry.

Let’s discover our website features

DESIGN division

Discover or Project from a 360 prospection, check the selected Brands and Material we used, the timing and all the crucial information per each project we made.

Real data, perfect time management.

Discover our top projects


70% percent of luxury INTERIORS are made with Italian furniture and natural stone, we decide to create a procurement where you‘ll be able to select the best marble qualities and discover up to 90 italian and british design brands from the luxury sector.

Require your best quotation for your client’s project or for you’re own.

Furniture quotation to enquire?
Click here


Read about our designers and architects visions of the industry and get in touch to develop together a new standard of high-end design development.

Choose your Design Consultant (Manage) through creating your own account to get access to your private design area. Next step is sharing your content with us online which guarantees a fast and efficient communication wherever you are, on the same continent or based and travel international.

If being an architect, by choosing the feature Furniture/Stone Quotations (Manage) you exclusively get access to our price lists to plan your project ahead all other time management.

Start your project!

This digital platform takes interacting between consultants and clients to level 3.0, offering E-Design Meetings & Live Shopping.

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