Intcity Cortina – interior design according to Outline Studio 74

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Intcity Cortina – interior design according to Outline Studio 74

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We wondered about one of the most known and sought-after ski resorts, Cortina d’Ampezzo, and we asked Outline Studio 74 the secrets of alpine’s interior design


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Intcity is a new editorial of our magazine and consists of a series of interviews with architectural firms and emerging designers, within which to give voice to their city and reality through the world of furniture and architecture.

Considering it’s February, the coldest month of the year, and the Alpine Ski World Championships are being held in Cortina right now… what better start than an Intcity – Cortina?

Outline Studio 74, architecture and interior design firm operating within the beautiful frame of the Alps in Cortina d’Ampezzo, is signing this first chapter. Follow along our interview to discover more!

In terms of interior design, what trend is Cortina experiencing right now?

The trend is constantly evolving. The Nordic influences are establishing in our architectures that, while remaining aesthetically coherent with the traditional local architecture on the exterior, evolve into indoor modern elements, straight lines, coplanarity and elements hidden by sliding walls that disappear when opened. These new realities go beyond the charged and eclectic boiserie and open to clean linea still able to stay true to our mountain identity.

If you were to create a project "Living the mountain all year round", what are the furnishing elements that should not be missing in a house?

Wardrobes, many and well organized between clothing racks and shelves, perhaps disappearing between lines of light and coplanar walls. And then the kitchen, equipped and functional, with spaces designed in detail to give shelter to all the accessories necessary for daily life.

A small outdoor space to experience nature at 360 degrees and, as needed, maybe another one on the inside, where to meditate or workout regardless of external weather conditions. 

Last but not least, a thought or reading area, with comfortable armchairs or chaise-longues: a “hugging” space just for yourself.

How does Cortina's lifestyle translate into Outline Studio 74's design choices?

Our design choices run simultaneously with the furnishings, emphasizing or distorting them according to the customer’s needs. We want to respect the ancient wood, the local stone, and therefore the cladding elements and the focal points of a home, without expiring in redundancy.

Each house is unique and must be valued according to its strengths, whether they are a perspective or an intrinsic feature of the structure.

We choose textures, linear elements, materiality, contrasted with each other to create an elegant and timeless continuum.

Which are the brands and finishes that, in your opinion, best represent Cortina's architecture and interior design? Why?

Brands /furnishings

The brands are many, from classics like Flos – in their most basic, yet adaptable to any of our projects, lights – to Baxter’s leathers, whether shell or upholstered, always elegant, sleek and contemporary.

B&B Italia and Poliform, Valcucine and Henge, each in its own style, emphasize our projects with unique materials and focusing elements, while still researching our strength in local craftsmanship.

DCW Paris, Menu Space, Riva 1920, Cattelan and Catellani&Smith have materials, shapes and lines that coordinate perfectly with our projects, providing them with unique traits. And then the kitchen appliances, not hidden in the structure but highlighted with their materials, being them Neff or Miele, Gaggenau or Barazza.

The Agape and Gessi bathrooms, in their elegant finishes, are selected in timeless lines that adapt to the customer’s requests without taking away his personality.

Finishes /materials /colors

We lean towards wood, stone and metal, whether in the warm shades of ancient “tavola rossa”, beige Thala stone and burnished metal, or in the cool hues of ancient “tavola grigia”, combined together with Castellavazzo stone and calamine iron. Then we merge these materials with clays, resins, fixed and decorative lighting fixtures, and/or with textured and colored fabrics, and bronzed or smoked mirrors. 

The final result is extremely material to the touch, recognizable without being heavy or redundant.

We thank so much Outline Studio 74 and the architect Monica Giustina for trusting us and our Intcity and invite you to stay tuned… the next chapter will be released soon!

Photo credits: Nicola Bombassei | Marco Zanta
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