CH24 Wishbone Chair: the beauty of an icon in – partial – limited edition

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CH24 Wishbone Chair: the beauty of an icon in – partial – limited edition

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Every year Carl Hansen & Son celebrates Hans J. Wegner with a special color in limited edition of an icon with a minimal design and timeless charm


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Having been created in 1949 and first produced in 1950, the iconic Wishbone Chair lived to see the 21st century in all its glory. In 2021, the creator of this marvellous piece of furniture, Hans J. Wegner, would have celebrated his 107th birthday. To honour the late Hans and his flawless craftsmanship, Carl Hansen & Son has proceeded with a long tradition of celebrating the creators of furniture design alongside their contribution to design with a limited special edition of his epochal CH24 Wishbone Chair.
We’re happy to introduce you to the fabulous stories behind the chairs making while giving you a hint of the creator’s mind and its realization of ideas and visions.

How the Wishbone Chair Came to Be

When designing the CH24, Wegner decided to make a single piece out of the back and armrest. He knew that the chair will require extra stability, which is why he decided to develop the characteristic Y-shaped back that the Wishbone Chair is named after.

Anyone who incorporates the Wishbone Chair into their interior will quickly realise that it’s a piece that offers both comfort and stability. On top of that, all of your satisfying aesthetic desires will be fulfilled. Its distinctive, elegant form instantly transforms a basic interior into an elegant yet minimal and Nordic living space. Today, the Wishbone Chair is widely recognised as the ideal chair, which managed to capture the essence of modern Danish design. The lightness and sculptural shape of the classic CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner seamlessly add class, style, and functionality to any interior.

The Celebrative Birthday Edition

Can you believe that the sculptural design of the wishbone chair requires more than 100 steps to craft? Not to mention that the majority of it is carried out by hand. That alone speaks for the quality of the masterpiece and its value in your home.

Every year, Carl Hansen & Son celebrates Hans J. Wegner’s birthday with a special colour in the limited edition released and sold during the birthday’s week. The 2021 birthday limited edition Wishbone Chair is shaped in mahogany, one of the richest and most noble woods out there. The chair features a hand-woven seat, which a highly skilled craftsperson takes approximately an hour to create.

Thanks to the water-based high-gloss lacquer finish, the chair has that rich, reddish-brown hue of the exotic hardwood. On top of that, buyers have a full guarantee that the piece they’re investing their money in has long-lasting protection. Being so unique, it’s no wonder that the iconic CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner holds a special place in the world of modern design.

Colours and Materials

The celebrative Wishbone Chair edition is made of mahogany and comes in a high-gloss finish. When it comes to regular editions, it is available in 52 materials and colours. It can come in an array of colours and finishes to fit flawlessly into any interior: from light to dark wood to red, blue, green, and grey, the unique wishbone chair is an icon that will satisfy anyone’s taste.

About the Designer

Hans J. Wegner (1914 – 2007) was one of the most renowned Danish furniture designers. He is considered one of the most creative, innovative and prolific craftsmen of the 20th and early 21st century. Widely known as the master of the chair, Wegner was proud to create close to 500 pieces in his lifetime. The iconic Wishbone Chair is probably the best-known, and it’s being manufactured even today, ever since 1950. Wegner was one of the designers responsible for creating ‘the Golden Age’ of modern Danish design. The core of Wegner’s legacy is his focus on showing the inner soul of furniture pieces through a simple and functional exterior.

Hans Wegner received many design awards, including the Lunning Prize in 1951, the Grand Prix of the Milan Triennale in 1951, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Eckersberg Medal in 1956, Sweden’s Prince Eugen Medal in 1961, the Danish Furniture Prize in 1980, the C. F. Hansen Medal in 1982, and the 8th International Design Award in 1997. He was made an Honorary Royal Designer for the industry by the Royal Society of Arts in London in 1959, became an honorary member of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1995, and was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the Royal College of Art in 1997.

His works found a home in many museums across the world. You can see his works in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen, and even Die Neue Sammlung in Munich.

CH24 Wishbone chair - Hans J. Wegner
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