3 Simple Ways To Recognize Premium Calacatta marble

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"Oftentimes when a stone supplier shows you a small swatch of marble for your home, it looks convincingly perfect, but once you see it in it's full-length, the imperfection on the surface starts to show.”


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MASTERING MARBLE is a new series launched in September 2020 created with the aim to share our 30+ years of experience and insights of the most precious materials used for the finest high-end luxury projects.

Carrara Marble is one the most demanded materials from international designers. We will help you to explore the secrets of this precious material and finally to master it, enlightening you about each features to be able to select the best fit for every project. 

The white Carrara family is composed from over 40+ different qualities. Some of them are well-known as Statuario, Calacatta and Venato among others. These 3 qualities cover up to 50% of the market demand.
Today we will explore the Carrara Calacatta quality considered as an authority in the stone market. Calacatta clads top luxury apartments from the sleepless New York upper east building to the elegant Montecarlo villas, becoming a landmark material for any luxury lovers.

But, how can we identify a premium quality from a standard one? What makes a slab premium compared to the others?

Let’s unveil the secrets behind a premium quality

3 quick ways of identifying the authentic Calacatta Carrara marble

1. Distinctive gold-ish vein

Calacatta marble stands out to other types because of its special surface due to fine, gold-ish veins. These goldish veins are usually 15 to 20 cm wide, running horizontally through the slabs; hence it is a very special and identifiable characteristic of a premium Calacatta marble from Carrara.

2. Background 

A true Calacatta marble slab would always have a soothing off-white or ‘Cappuccino’ background: adding a warm appearance and feel, as compared to other types of white marbles.

3. Benchmark Impurities 

The truth is that every slab has it’s own impurities, but the good news is that most of them are not easy to discover! The most common impurities are clay, iron, silk, iron oxides that are visible only on the edges of a slab, hence the center is clean and a great choice for stunning kitchen countertop for or beautiful dining tables! 

Architectural Projects

"Personally I always advise my clients to judge and select marble from high-resolution pictures rather than small material swatches.”

Davide Biselli Founder & Stone Consultant, Intnow

Insight Information of the Calacatta world

Calacatta Carrara stone generally comes up as a whole marble family. All specific types are won from the Apuan Alps.

The most famous 3 qualities on the market are:

Calacatta Vagli describes a material of natural pure white stone recognized with very sharp edges but with grey and versatile yellow-amber veining. Calacatta Vagli is most used among Italian Design Brands. Since it is good money for a price-performance ratio.

Calacatta Goldcomes up as the most elegant and exclusive stones due to its elegant golden core designs which have a more intense appearance than the other varieties. The Calacatta Gold embodies the quality of what you ‘d expect from a Carrara premium quality.

Calacatta Borghiniis named of the Borghini family owning, producing and making this marble internationally famous since 1979. The Calacatta Borghini is famous for his 3 colors, on top of golden and white shades a strong grey vein enriches the appearance of this stone.

Main Use

Due to the specific stone condition, Calacatta fits as the best for interior projects, perfect for an elegant counter top for kitchen or dinning table. It’s also used as a light back wall for an outstanding living room.
For more information see our marble material board.

Our Design Examples

HEXAGON - Homedesign
Bookcase made of Calacatta marble

This bookcase is made of overlapping marble hexagons creating a modular, self-supporting structure with infinite combinations.

Maximum customisation of the space.

A dynamic bookcase system that adapts to a space which in turn changes and is renewed.
The use of this Calacatta Carrara marble with its warm veins gives softness to the modules and the structure as a whole and offers a vision of natural stone as a transversal element both in its use and contextualisation.

RITAGLI - Homedesign
Sofa made of Calacatta marble

Light colors, smooth textiles and a comfortable shape matches the white, gold-ish finishings of the Calacatta Carrara marble subbase.

Creating a cozy, lightweight atmosphere.

The combination with wood forms a good contrast to enhance a grounding, natural design environment.
Partnering with Calacatta Carrara marble stone offers a brilliant color-palette linked to whatever customized textile when choosing elegance with understatement.

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We're sharing a quick example directly from our marble atelier in Carrara.

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Bookcase in Calacatta Carrara Marble. Homedesign by Franchi Umberto Marmi.
Sofa in Calacatta Carrara Marble. Homedesign by Franchi Umberto Marmi.

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