3 Simple Ways To Recognize Premium Arabescato

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How can we identify a premium Arabescato stone? Which quality characteristics should have a premium stone?


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#Mastering Marble is a new series created with the aim to share our 30+ years of experience and insights of the most precious materials used for the finest high-end luxury projects.

Carrara marble is one the most demanded stone among designers and architects all over the world. Our series will help you to explore the secrets of this precious material and finally to master it, giving you the design keys to be able to select the best fit for every project and to level up your knowledge of premium natural stones.

The white Carrara family is composed from a big portfolio of over 40+ different qualities. Some of them are well-known as Statuario, Calacatta and Venato among others. These 3 qualities cover up to 50% of the market demand.

How we can identify a premium Arabescato?

Since it is a natural material, the general slabs appearance sensibility is affecting the market price. Let’s exploring 3 quick ways of identifying the premium Arabescato Carrara marble:

1. Dark Grey Veins

The Arabescato marble stone surface is significant because of its dark grey veins, taking homage to its name as this style reminds of the arabesques art decoration which based on rythmic linear patterns. This marble’s color definition includes as well slightly yellow spots but will be known mainly because of its extremely dark hue in comparison to the white background.

2. Crystalline vs. Green

Arabescato has a crystalline white and ivory color interval but also features violet or grey-green shades. This makes the stone unique compared to other qualities, including its colored cloudy shape pattern turning special items into simple design pieces.

3. Longevity

With a proper maintenance program to use a sealed finish, the Arabescato Carrara marble quality can extend it’s longevity to a comparably great success.

“ A book-matched application creates a very unique and strong design.”

Davide Biselli

Design Insight

Arabescato and its famous design is well know by its:

Craft This marble stone is extracted in the Apuan Alps and the Versilia area.

StyleDue to its quality and style, the Arabescato marble stone slabs can be used for book-matched integrated designs creating mirroring effects on big as well as small furniture and design application.

Qualities and its specification

Arabescato BiancoAn agglomerate marble, comprised of different pieces of stone.

Arabescato Corchia – Introduces surface significant for its round and small pattern veins.

Arabescato Vagli – A straight and strong veining with less oval ornamentals creates large-scale style optic.

Main use

All types of Arabescato Carrara Marble are available in extracted slabs of natural stones and due to its characteristics usable in both interior and exterior design production.

You can find the stone a huge range from flooring to walls or gardening and building structures.

For more information, see our marble material board

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