3 Simple Ways To Recognise Classic Statuario Marble

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Each type of marble comes with particular character, so does the Statuario Carrara marble.


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Mastering Marble is a new series created with the aim to share our 30+ years of experience and insights of the most precious materials used for the finest high-end luxury projects.

Carrara marble is one the most demanded stone among designers and architects all over the world. Our series will help you to explore the secrets of this precious material and finally to master it, giving you the design keys to be able to select the best fit for every project and to level up your knowledge of premium natural stones. 

The white Carrara family is composed from a big portfolio of over 40+ different qualities. Some of them are well-known as Statuario, Calacatta and Venato among others. These 3 qualities cover up to 50% of the market demand.

How we can identify a premium Statuario stone?

Since it is a natural material, the general slabs appearance sensibly is affecting the market price, we‘re now exploring 3 quick ways of identifying the premium Statuario Carrara marble:

1. Bold Grey Veins

Typical Statuario marble can be identified through a stone surface which is significant because of one bold dark grey vein accompanied by thinner ones. This typical veining refined contrast creates a unique appearance that makes it the worldwide most demanded natural stone.

2. Background

As compared to other qualities, Statuario marble offers a big area of a pure white background which is absolutely rare. This is what makes this stone stand out in any space and decorates a room in a luminous style.

3. Benchmark Impurities

Generally speaking, stone’s impurities are visible only on the edges of a slab regarding that natural material have naturally occurring cracks and fissures which can be easily fixed by the factory. But Statuario quality usually presents just a few percent of cracks, only visible from the very close and very rare clay trace. Due to these ‘integrated’ impurities just within the slabs shade, the stone’s center is an optimum clean and perfect choice to finish a stunning kitchen countertop or a dining table.

Architectural Projects

“Emphasizing on the noble strength of this stone, furniture made of Statuario marble offers an exclusive style which completes classic as well as contemporary interior design.”

Design Insight

Statuario Carrara stone is one of the most demanding and valuable marbles, especially because of its:

Craft the etymology of the name Statuario refers to the Italian word “statua (sculpture), due to the built-in ease of this material to be carved by artists but perfectly fits to any interior design solution and, with the supervision of skilled designers and technicians, any outdoor application.
As the name implies, the material of Statuario marble is well known until today as the best stone for statue carving in terms of high-end craftsmanship and art design.

RarityThe Statuario stone is due to its low availability and sensibility a rarity in the whole marble field. Linked to the Italian Apuan Alpes, its stone quarries are located particular above Carrara.

StyleThe high demanded stone is also well known because of its book-matched style opportunities. It needs some precise work and professional expertise to put two slabs together following the mirroring of matching veins aiming for a perfect finish.

Main use

All types of Statuario Carrara Marble are available in extracted slabs of natural stones and, due to the specific stone nature, they are mainly used for indoor design solutions or artwork.
You can find Statuario marble in bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops and wall panels as well as for furniture production.
For more information, see our marble material board

Our Design Examples

Sofa & Armchair made of Statuario Carrara marble

The marble elegantly surrounds its occupant, with back and armrests that follow a continuous, rigorous and essential line.

Paying tribute to Statuario marble in the living room.

The idea of a cold and aseptic material is lost and the user is plunged into a warm and exciting embrace.
This collection pieces offer an almost outstanding comfort, assisted by the light seat cushions furnishings.

Intnow-marble project-Statuario_Angle sofa

Coffee Table made of Statuario Carrara marble

Light textiles are matching perfectly with the bold grey marble veins and offer a balancing offset to the wooden subbase.

Artistry with Statuario marble for books and accessory decoration.

The merging table-legs pointing out the contrastive material combination of wood and marble: warm brown colors meet the pure milky white Statuario surface. A shiny finish completes the plano-convex tabletop.

“Emphasizing on the noble strength of this stone, furniture made of Statuario marble offers an exclusive style which completes classic as well as contemporary interior design.”

Eugenio Biselli, Designer, Studio Interni Now

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We're sharing a quick example directly from our marble atelier in Carrara

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Bettogli sofa and armchair in Statuario Carrara Marble. Homedesign by Franchi Umberto Marmi.
Bettogli coffee table in Statuario Carrara Marble. Homedesign by Franchi Umberto Marmi.

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