10 Stylish Restaurant Interior Design Ideas Around the World

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10 Stylish Restaurant Interior Design Ideas Around the World

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This week we take you around the world to discover 10 restaurants with an innovative and sophisticated design. Enjoy the selection, you will not regret it!


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When entering the restaurant of our dreams we experience a unique emotion, feeling ready to live a journey made of sensations, taste and details. The restaurant is not only a place of encounter and discovery, but a fascinating world between design and culinary art. No matter the primary reason, whether you are an entrepreneur or a customer, you can find inspiration throughout the globe.

Today, we bring you 10 stylish restaurant interior design ideas from all over the world: with their bespoke design and innovative interior, they’ll certainly leave you in awe.

Taizu restaurant, Tel Aviv

This marvel of architecture is the work of art of Pitsou Kedem Architects with Baranowitz-Amit Design Studio. Located in Tel Aviv this magnificent design is elegant and modern. The core of the project can be found in the five elements of ancient Chinese philosophy – fire, water, earth, wood and metal.

Various patterns and textures are the principal part of this restaurant’s design, which you’ll have the chance to see the minute you step into this lovely establishment.   

Architects: Baranowitz-Amit Design Studio, Pitsou Kedem Architects | ©Ph. amit geron

Jis Sapporo, Hokkaido

For futuristic inspirations, Atsuhiko Sugiyama’s Jis Sapporo in Hokkaido is the perfect example.

Imagining what the world would look like in 200 years, the architect created an extraordinary space that reaches way beyond anyone’s imagination. Featuring the imagination of a sky world, floating clouds, and a massive bean tree extending through the clouds, this restaurant strives to become one of the world’s most unique restaurants.

At Jis Sapporo, you’ll feel like you’re floating and book your dinner again for sure.

Architect: atsuhiko sugiyama

Home Delicate Restaurant, Milano

Looking for something intriguing and unique? Home Delicate Restaurant in Milano is precisely that. It combines the design of a public place and a private home, offering thus an innovative design created by Logica:architettura.

The artistic furniture and minimalistic design create a very cosy ambience for everyone who wants to spend a relaxing afternoon. Being located in the courtyard and surrounded by the greenery of the garden makes Home Delicate Restaurant a beyond inviting establishment.

Architect: logica:architettura | ©Ph. filippo bamberghi

Gold on 27, Dubai

When you think luxury, you think Gold on 27. As if it would be possible to have anything else in Burj Al Arab.

Boasting elegance and extravagance, the architect AAID truly made the most exquisite cocktail bar in the centre of Dubai. Unique custom-made pieces were designed and made specifically for Gold on 27. Rich gold finishes and iridescent lighting in combination with black accents scream opulence and create the most extravagant ambience for everyone who loves to indulge.

Architect: AAID

Don Cafè House, Pristina

The Don Cafe House in Pristina was designed by Innarch and it’s one of those restaurants that will really leave you in awe.

The curbed wood on the walls paints a rather unique design picture, unlike anywhere else in the world. Because of the mixture of beige and brown colours, the space will feel very inviting and warm.

Architect: Innarch | ©Ph. Atdhe Mulla

Akira back, Toronto

There’s no better description than the one written on the architect’s website, Studio Munge, for this modern design that incredibly pays homage to traditional Japanese dining.

Encased in stunning layered gold volumes, the entry from the hotel’s main floor leads guests through an extraordinary journey that ignites the imagination. A holistic statement of tactile finishes in black and charcoal tones and lavish materials balance the grand design feature; an impactful cove ceiling canvas to a colourful custom graphic. The journey concludes at the destination sushi bar illuminated by layers of gold extending from floor-to-ceiling and immersing guests into a spectacular statement of luxury.

Architect: studio munge

Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

The concept of the 3 michelin stars Alain Ducasse’s restaurant in Paris is all about reflections and mirroring effects.

The architects and interior designers, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, have created a space entirely focused on craftmanship and on the work of local artisans. The final result, that is the one you can now enter, pushes the boundaries of dining architecture creating a feeling full of fantasy and wonder, where the steel domes on the floor multiply the sequence of floating crystal suspended from the ceiling.

Architects: patrick jouin and sanjit manku | ©Ph. pierre monetta

Ishizuka, Melbourne

With a unique and intimate setting, the Ishizuka restaurant can host 16 seats for a charming experience.

The dining room – designed by Russell & George Architects – is able to reflect the Japanese “Kaseiki” philosophy of experiencing balanced yet precise tastes, textures and spaces and that stands behind the entire concept. This restaurant guides you through a mesmerizing and fascinating experience.

Architects: russell & george

Pacifico, Roma

Elegant, sleek, detailed… and fusion: these are the best words to describe the Pacifico restaurant in Rome.

Located within the liberty palace of the Hotel Palazzo Madama, refurbished by the architect Antonio Girardi, it is the epitome of Peruvian luxury dining.

Architect: antonio girardi

The Jane, Antwerp

Have you ever imagined to be able to dine in a chapel? Thanks to Studio Pier Boon, the Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril, now you can!

The vision is “fine dining meets rock ’n roll” and we think there’s no better caption to describe what’d be like to dine at The Jane.

Architect: studio pier boon

And now it’s up to you: which restaurant would you call first to reserve a table? Let us know in the comment section of our related Instagram carousels linked here.

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